Mr. Lance has been involved in the martial arts since a very early age. Ever since he was a little kid he has always been fascinated with the martial arts as a whole. Early in his childhood Mr. Lance began studying the art of tae kwon do, which he continued to train until his early twenties, eventually earning the rank of second degree black belt. Early in his teens, while still training in tae kwon do, Mr. Lance was introduced to a man that would forever change his life in the martial arts world. At a local demonstration that Mr. Lance and his tae kwon do instructor was invited to as guest demonstrators, Shihan Jim Roma walked onto the mats of his little church in Akron, OH with several of his students and high ranking black belts to perform a demonstration on the martial art of vee arnis jitsu and the vee jitsu system.

The demonstration of the art was beautiful, yet brutal, and during some points made you cringe a bit and feel sorry for the Grandmaster's partners. After the demonstration, Mr. Lance approached Shihan Roma about becoming a student and upon acceptance, he had devoted the next 20 years of his life training in the art that Jim Roma had demonstrated so beautifully as a direct student from then to the present day. Throughout his time with Shihan Jim Roma and studying vee jitsu, Mr. Lance found other aspects of the martial arts that he also found very interesting, and wanted to expand his knowledge on, and with the blessing of Shihan Jim, he did just that.

While continuing his training Mr. Lance sought out instruction from various other martial art instructors and disciplines such as aikido, hapkido, and the Filipino art of escrima to enhance his learning in the martial arts.


During his early 20's, in 2005 Mr. Lance met a man named Tony Rinaldi at a local tournament in Poland, OH, who was a brazilian jiu-jitsu expert, and again without knowing, Mr. Lance's life was about to change. During the tournament Mr. Lance found himself in amazement at the beauty in simplicity of the techniques he was seeing, and along with their effectiveness he was immediately hooked. It was soon after the tournament that Mr. Lance made contact with Tony and had become a student off and on since 2005, where under the instruction of Tony, Mr. Lance earned his Blue and Purple belt. After stepping away briefly from training, in 2013 Mr. Lance's schedule allowed him to continue his training more regularly, and this time he found himself under the instruction of Rob Hileman and Leverage Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, where after training with Professor Rob for the next 4 years that Mr. Lance earned his brown belt. Again, a seminar introduced Mr. Lance to Eli Knight who is a 2nd degree black belt under the famous Royce Gracie. It was during the seminar that Mr. Lance admired the attention to detail and the approach to both the self-defense side of jiu-jitsu, but also added the sport concepts in a way that fit and went along with his self-defense principals. Finally, as of 2019, Mr. Lance and Synergy Martial Arts became the first official affiliate of Knight Jiu-Jitsu led by Eli Knight. 


Prof. Lance has also been involved in the Filipino martial arts for the past 15 years, making him a proficient expert in stick and knife techniques. Currently however, Professor Lance is advancing his escrima background by devoting his training 100% since 2011 with Guro Dr. Patrick Schmitt in the Balintawak Escrima style taught by Grandmaster Bobby Taboda, and has achieved Level 6, completion in the Taboada System.


Vee Jitsu System

7th Degree Black Belt - GM Jim Roma

Tae Kwon Do

2nd Degree Black Belt - Master Chai


1st Degree Black Belt - Sensei Jim Roma

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Brown Belt -  Eli Knight (Knight Jiu-Jitsu) - 2nd Degree Royce Gracie Black Belt

Taboada Balintawak

Level 7 - Full Qualified Instructor (Guro) - GM Bobby Taboada, and Guro Dr. Patrick Schmitt

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