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The idea of forming the Synergy Defense Concepts program was designed by my collaboration with highly experienced instructors from the civilian, law enforcement, and military world to better my skills and training, but also was formed to help better educate and train those in our community the proper fundamentals of weapon based training both from the defensive and offensive aspects.


Our focus is on something we call CQDC or "Close Quarter Defensive Concepts". This program incorporates the aspects from martial arts to the applicability of a weapon based environment. With the continual rise of lawful concealed carry permit holders, and the craziness and uncertainty that surrounds us, we have found that many desire additional training to be better prepared in today's society. 


From CCW classes, field range time, and on the mat training, our classes will be highly engaging and provide you with the necessary knowledge and training to help you better your skills and awareness. 


  1. CCW Courses

  2. Pistol Fundamentals

  3. Rifle Fundamentals

  4. Weapon Retention and Use Training

  5. Field / Trauma First-Aide


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At the academy, we offer CCW classes to those in the community through Falls Firearms, LLC. Chad, the owner of Falls Firearms is highly experienced and knowledgeable as a State of Ohio Parole Officer, as well as a member of the US Marshall's Violent Fugitive Task Force. These classes fill up quickly, and you wont find a better class in the area.

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