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At Synergy Martial Arts we offer children's classes not only for self-defense, but also to develop and inspire confidence, and fitness through the martial arts. Jiu-Jitsu has more than proven its efficiency in the world today, and when combined with the throwing and take downs of Judo, our children's curriculum at the academy truly develops and prepares our younger students for the struggles and challenges they may face.  

At the academy we offer two types of jiu-jitsu classes for our youth. The first program is the Little Grappler's Program, and the second is the Youth Grappler's Program!

At Synergy, the Little Grappler's program for children ages four to six. This class is intended to be an introduction to the martial arts, and specifically the movements of jiu-jitsu, while building the coordination, control, strength, and discipline necessary for children to engage in all types of physical activities/sports.

This class is a half hour long, and is two days a week. The class consists of a curriculum specifically designed for children in this age group, and mixes FUN and exercise with the techniques that will be essential to their development!



At Synergy, the Youth Grappler's class is tailored for children ages 7-14 years old. It is intended to be a FUN introduction to a more in depth curriculum consisting of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and Judo. This program is designed to teach the basic body mechanics and awareness that a child will need to participate in any athletic pursuit they choose, as they grow older.

This class is a forty five minute class that is held three days a week. The curriculum in this course focuses on the self defense aspects of jiu-jitsu and judo, mixed with the more advanced drills, movements, and mechanics to better develop reaction, coordination, all while building confidence for your child!